Q. How long has Hahn Manufacturing been in business?

A. Over One Hundred Years! Hahn Manufacturing was founded in 1916. Today, just like their predecessors, the third generation of Hahn’s are “hands on”. Robert Hahn is the president. He is your contact for quoting and scheduling. Greg Hahn is the general manager. You may get a call from him for print clarification. David Hahn is the chief engineer. He takes care of all your project programming. Laura Hahn is the office manager. She takes care of purchasing for your projects.

Q. Is Hahn Manufacturing ISO Certified? ITAR registered? Domestic Manufacturer?

A. Yes, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Copies are available upon request. Hahn is also ITAR registered. Hahn is a domestic manufacturer located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Q. What are the largest machining capabilities at Hahn?

A. We can machine large parts up to 40,000 pounds! Your parts up to 200”. Bore diameters up to 42”. If you are looking for a 16 micro finish in you bore, then we’ll get your parts over to our in house honing department.

Q. How old is your equipment?

A. Hahn Manufacturing Company’s business model includes continual investment in new equipment. Our third Toshiba and fifth Haas were brought into service to meet industry demands. All machinery is calibrated yearly. Two new Tesa Micro-Hite plus M-900 were added as well as a brand new Faro Quantum Arm. Three overhead cranes were refurbished with new motors and the latest controls. Continual improvement is one of our hallmarks!

Q. What kind of inspection equipment do you have and how often is it calibrated?

A. We “invest” in our inspection equipment! We have a portable CMM to meet the industry standard in Metrology. Then we added powerful 3D metrology software to control part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using single-point contact-based probing devices. This portable CMM coupled with our large granite inspection plates insure your large machined parts are inspected accurately. The Faro Arm, Tesa Micro-Hite’s as well as supplementary inspection equipment (indicator, gages, veniers, calipers, etc.) is recalibrated in accordance to the schedule as listed in our Quality Control Manual. Copy available upon request.

Q. Does Hahn Manufacturing Company provide product traceability for my machined parts?

A. Absolutely! All parts are traceable by a unique serial number assigned during the manufacturing process. This serial number ties together the machine tool, operator, inspector and inspection documentation.

Q. Can Hahn Manufacturing Company satisfy my special manufacturing requirements?

A. Just let us know what you need. Our satisfied customers have required special packaging and bar code labeling. Outside services include plating, heat treating, non-destructive testing, coating and painting and shot peening, to name a few. We are happy to meet your special requirements.

Q. Can Hahn Manufacturing receive and process CAD/CAM files?

A. We use advanced CAD/CAM software to open drawings in file formats including .dwg, .dxf, .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .pdf.

Q. What kind of support equipment do you have at Hahn Manufacturing?

A. We not only have the large machines to meet your large part requirements, we also have two Tesa Micro-Hites, Faro Quantum Arm as well as large granite surface plates, 10’ x 12’ that enable us to inspect your parts during processing and upon completion. We have various overhead cranes with a lift capacity of 15,000 pounds up to 50,000 pounds complimented by many machine specific overhead and jib cranes.

Q. Who are your customers and what do you make for them?

A. Our customer base includes original equipment manufacturers in Oil & Gas, Energy, Transportation, Plastic Injection, Medical, Material Handling, Construction, Machine Tool, Power Transmission and Printing industries. Typical parts that we machine include Housings, Cylinders, Guards, Connecting Rods, Platens, Frames, Yokes, Covers, Heads, Bases and Mounts to name a few.